Independent Study for HD1 and HD2 Classes

This page if for students who need to make up missed assignments and/or make up missed attendance. This is NOT for extra credit or is it a requirement for all students. 

All completed assignments should be e-mailed to the following address. 
[email protected]

Independent Study for Human Development

  The objective of this assignment is to allow the student to investigate and document health issues that are of particular interest to the student during this time of no classes due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

 The student may write a short research paper to make up for each class period they did not attend while regular classes were in session. Any additional papers submitted will be used to replace any missed assignments the student failed to complete during the regular class sessions starting with:

1. Classwork

2. Homework

3. Quiz and ending with,

4. Test

 Each paper must include the history, cause, signs, symptoms, treatments, preventions and social impact of the health issue selected by the student. These issues can include but are not limited to the following:


Alzheimer’s disease,

Birth control,

Breast cancer,


Circulatory disease,



Environmental health,

Families of the 1960’s vs. the 2000’s,


Heart disease,


Lung cancer,



Same sex relationships,

Sexually transmitted diseases,



Any topic of interest to the student.

 Student choosing not to submit papers will not be penalized for not doing so. Their grade will remain what is currently is until the start of regular class sessions. After which regular grading for attendance and assignments will begin.

Presentation Standards 

 A body of no less than 2 type written pages. Use #14 font, double spaced.

The body must include the following segments, in this order:


Body of information


List of sources (not a bibliography or formal foot/after notes)

 Keep in mind, each paper must include the history, cause, signs, symptoms, treatments, preventions and social impact of the health issue.

 Students may use the Internet to gather information. Some suggested sources are;

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

National Institutes of Health

USA Today Health,

Apple Works Homepage Health.
Papers are due before the first day school begins regular class session again.

 All completed work should be e-mailed to the following address:

 [email protected]

Good Luck.

Mr. Albano