Mr. Albano's Class
 Fall 2017


            Students attending Human Development classes will be awarded points per class session. The actual number of points per day will be based on the number of classes per marking period. These points will be awarded as a classroom skills grade. To receive the classroom skills grade the student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be physically present in the classroom, on time or with a tardy pass.
  2. Have a pen or pencil and Human Development notebook with them. Students may use a divider in a different subject’s notebook to keep Human Development notes.
  3. Participate in a cooperative manner with the instructor and other students. This includes note taking, asking appropriate questions, answering questions with an appropriate response.
  4. Remain in class for the entire class session or have a legal excuse for an early dismissal.    


            Students are expected to maintain a Human Development notebook. Notebooks must contain the daily class notes, graded class work, graded homework, graded quizzes, tests and any other handouts or work that has been returned to the student. This the student’s official proof of work completed.

                                                  CLASS NOTES

            Students are expected to take notes during class presentations. Students must copy the Date, Title, Learning Target and Warm ups that are written on the classroom board at the start of each class. Any additional note may be added to this same piece of paper. Personal electronic devices (PEDs) can be used for note taking as well as for classroom research. 

                                                 CLASS RULES

            Students are expected to adhere to the class rules pertaining to participation, class notes and the notebook as well as the rules that are stated below. Students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

             Students are expected to sit in their assigned seat if they have one assigned to them. Students are not allowed to have hats, hoods, headbands or bandannas in the classroom. Students are not allowed to have food or drinks in the classroom. Students are allowed to have a water bottle in class.  Personal electronic devices (PEDs) can be used for note taking as well as for classroom research. PEDs are not permitted for personal correspondence during classtime. Chewing gum is allowed.

                                                MAKE UP WORK

            Students are expected to ask the instructor about any work the student may have missed due to an absence from class. Any missed assignment due to an absence or work not handed in on time due to an absence, is due at the start of the student’s next scheduled class session.

            Any test or quiz not taken, because of an excused absence, may be made up during the students next scheduled class period.

No assignments will be given nor accepted for extra credit.