New Arrivals
New- September 2018

Nijkamp, Marieke. Before I Let Go. FIC NIJ
Preston, Natasha. You Will Be Mine. FIC PRE
Wharton, Edith. Summer. FIC WHA

Graphic Novels:
Hino, Matsuri. Vampire Knight v. 17-19. FIC HIN

Cornell, Kari. Women on the US Home Front. 940.53 COR
Corson, Trevor. The Secret Life of Lobsters. 595.3 COR
Heing, Bridey, Investigating Mass Shootings in the United States. 363.25 HEI
Kaur, Rupi. Milk and Honey. 811 KAU
—-. The Sun and Her Flowers. 811 KAU
Koya, Lena. Investigating the Attack on the Pentagon. 975.5 KOY
—-. Investigating the Attacks on the World Trade Center. 974.7 KOY
—-. Investigating the Crash of Flight 93. 974.8 KOY
Krasner, Barbara. A Career as an Even Coordinator. 394.2 KRA
Mooney, Carla. Using Computer Science in Financial Technology Careers. 332.1 MOO
—-. Using Computer Science in Online Retail Careers. 658.8 MOO