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My name is Mr. Marshall. I teach Strategies for Success and Career Exploration in the business department at Pittsfield High School. You can find out more information about each course below.

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Strategies for Success:

Strategies for Success is a course that focuses on important skills needed to orient students to school and the world of work. Students will be introduced to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Drive, as well as the keyboard and all basic typewriter operations. There will be an emphasis on skill development, letters, tables, memorandums, manuscripts, and related business forms. Strategies for Success addresses the need for students to develop good work and study habits; helps students to prepare portfolios, to learn about school resources, to develop career plans, to start preparing for college, and to develop solid interpersonal skills with an emphasis on communication and building self-esteem. Required for all Academy certificates.

Career Exploration:

The Career Exploratory Course at Pittsfield High School is open to all male and female ninth grade students. Students enrolled in Career Exploratory will spend 27 weeks rotating through the technical programs offered at the PHS. Upon completion of the exploratory phase, students will choose and apply to one of the seven technical areas. The grading rubric is used to measure student performance to gain acceptance.

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