Finance Academy Program Details

                                               Pittsfield Public Schools
                                    Finance Academy Certificate Program

Educational Objective: Students will demonstrate college and career readiness through the application of knowledge obtained from finance course work and extra curricular activities.

Entrance Criteria

1. 80 G.P.A to date or teacher permission

2. Adherence to administration attendance policy

Minimum Completion Criteria

1. Be in good standing academically

2. Continued adherence to administration attendance policy

3. Must be a good school and community citizen

4. Participation in all of the following programs

• Dress for Success program (Freshman through Senior year)
• Business Tours Program (Freshman through Senior year)
• JA Stock Market Challenge (Principles of Investing Course)
• Career Exploration Program (Junior year)
• Post-Graduate Internship (After Sophomore year of college)

5. Successful completion of all course requirements (4 Courses)

Additional Finance Academy Program Opportunities

1. BCC Articulation Agreements 
    - Finance Academy/Intro to Business
    - (H) Accounting/Accounting 1

2. Outstanding Finance Academy Student Award (senior)

3. Outstanding Business Student Award (senior)

4. Multiple Outstanding Business Student Awards (Underclassmen)

5. Junior Achievement Program
    • JA Titan Program
    • JA High School Heroes

Additional Community Opportunities*
1. Greylock Federal Credit Union Events and Activities

2. Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Program

3. Numerous Corporate/Non-Profit Community Service Opportunities

*These opportunities may or may not be in the area of finance. Their primary purpose is to help students develop team building and leadership skills that are not necessarily tied into subject content.

Finance Academy Course Opportunities

Required Courses
1. Strategies for Success (Freshman)

2. Business Management or Sports and Entertainment Marketing
   (Sophomore, Junior, or Senior)

3. (H) Principles of Investing (Junior or Senior)

4. (H) Accounting or Accounting 1 (Junior or Senior)

5. Economics or Foreign Language or Statistics (Junior or Senior)