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HOLD THE ROPE--the girls team motto
Every year a national team wins the World Cross Country Championship. Every year a division I, II and III college team wins the NCAA National Cross Country Championship in each division. Every year in every state a high school team wins their state Cross Country Championship. All these teams have one thing in common. No matter how tough it became during the season, they did one thing—they held the rope.

What is holding the rope, you ask. Imagine that you are dangling from the edge of a sheer cliff with a drop of hundreds of feet below you. The only thing between you and certain death is a rope with the person of your choice at the other end. Who do you know who has the guts and determination to save you? Who would be willing to pull you to safety regardless of the amount of time and energy it required? Who do you know who has the ability of holding the rope as it pulled through their hands burning their palms? Who would be able to withstand the searing pain and dripping blood to save you?

If you can name two people who you can count on, that’s not good enough because those two individuals may not be around to save you.Look around at your teammates and ask yourself who among them, you could trust to hold the rope. Who would be willing to endure the pain and bleed for you?

This is the level of commitment necessary from each of the competitors on this team. When you can look at each of the serious competitors and know that they WILL hold the rope when it gets tough, then this team is a true winner. On the uphills when your legs are feeling heavy—hold the rope! When you want to ease up at the top of the hill and coast a bit to recover—hold the rope! When you get to that part of the course where no one could see you and feel a bit tired—hold the rope! When you are in the final sprint and think you can’t make it any further as every muscle in your body is crying “enough,” your lungs are screaming for oxygen and your blood is loaded with lactic acid—hold the rope! Think of your team and hold the rope!

Each and every year there are winners and losers in all sports. Every year many of the winners were the ones who held the rope and many of losers did not. We need not be the best runners on the course to win. If you run with pride, self-confidence and determination; if you accomplish your workouts to the best of your ability; if you develop the mental toughness to demand the best of yourself when it gets tough; then you are a winner and this team IS a SUCCESS. No matter what, however, in order for this team to be successful and be a winner in the true sense, you must have a commitment to this team. Know that your teammates have made that level of commitment to you and your success. Can you afford to let them down and drop the rope? If this were your last race, could you manage to hold on a bit longer or go bit faster or practice a bit harder? When you are supposed to run on your own, DO IT.When you are supposed to run at your pace (not an easier pace), DO IT. When you know deep within your gut that you can do more than the minimum, DO IT. Once you begin letting up in practice, once you start missing your weekend workouts, once you develop a poor attitude, YOU will have killed this team because YOU did not hold the rope. Remember, someone trusted you to be on the other end of his lifeline.


Don’t let the team down…HOLD THE ROPE

Girls: Summer Running Log 
As discussed at the Feb. team meeting, returning athletes must meet individually set requirements in order to return to the team.  This cuts down on injuries, and acknowledges the responsibility each girl has to the team to present herself in a prepared manner for the fall sport. This policy was reviewed and approved by the athletic director and principal and first instituted in 2014.

Must be started by June 20, sooner if you are already running, and turned in at 1st day of practice, no exceptions.  Use a monthly/daily calendar from the dollar store--no big expense! 

It must have space to write:
        Your distance/time running
        What time of day, route, type of workout (hills, easy run, race, etc). Include any other workouts you do, such as T25, bike riding--get credit!
        Where were you, weather, group or alone, and how the workout went (yuk!, best run of my life, it poured the entire time….)

Parents and girls: At the team meeting each girl was given her individual time requirements and we discussed the definition of 'adequate' running over the summer. If you did not attend and did not contact me after the meeting I suggest you do so now so that you are prepared and can Hold the Rope for the team!

Why are you doing this?  Although we have not had the spector of 'tryouts' in the past, as every other team does, it doesn't negate your responsibility to the team to come prepared in August. I need to know that you are in condition so that I do not have you injured early on and not be able to hold the rope for the team. You need to log your miles and workouts, it is your responsibility. 
Why the calendar? Last year I made multiple running logs available and only one girl used them. On day 1 of practice I was presented with heaps of scribbled-on paper with minimal information on them, loose notebook pages, and many that had no names! This isn't considerate of me, who had to plow through these 'logs'  and not to the team--you weren't taking the responsibility seriously. So this year you will spend your $1 and get a calendar, and do it with the pride and detail that you all would expect from a teammate Lady General!  

Parents/Girls: if you have any questions about this process, or how to define "adequate" summer running, please contact me now, rather than be disappointed in August. 
Coach Apple


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